BMX Products

Our products have been tested for over twelve months in club environments. Prior to this, the R&D focused around reliability and the ease of use of our products and their setup.

Please note:
We do not list our prices on this page. Before we offer you a quote, each request is first confirmed with you that it will suit your usage requirements as well as confirming your infrastructure setup is correct. We simply will not just ship you a device without making sure we are completely happy it will exceed your expectations.


All of our Products utilise the small, reliable, inexpensive but powerful Raspberry Pi hardware. Each unit is purchased from official Australian suppliers, assembled and configured by us and shipped to you ready to go.


Designed specifically for use with Eventsoft’s SQORZ software.

Finish Screen
Our ‘Pi’ showing live results at the finish line and which race is about to start.

BMX Bundle 1

Our pre-configured Raspberry Pi computer, power supply and HDMI cable. You then supply your own computer screen, large screen TV or data projector.

Used for:
– Live Race Results Screens
– Checking Station
– Second Nomination Screen

– Training/Practice Results Screen

Commentary Touch Screen
Commentators using the SQORZ software with a video feed of the finish line.

BMX Bundle 2

Includes the Raspberry Pi from Bundle 1 but we also supply you with a 23″ touch screen.

Used for:
– Commentary Screens
– Second Nomination Screen* (onscreen keyboard)
– Coaching & Training Results

* Suggested accessory – barcode scanner

Coming Soon

BMX Bundle 3

Includes the Raspberry Pi from Bundle 1 but we also supply you with a 24″ screen. Used for:
– Results Screens
– Checking Station
– Second Nomination Screen

BMX Bundle 4

Embedded all-in-one Raspberry Pi with a 7″ Touch screen. Unlimited uses. Is currently being trialed for everything from ‘portable nominations’, mobile commentary and works as a great checking station without having to have a large monitor or desk to support it. Comes with a rechargeable 3800mAh Li-ion battery that will last for hours but you maybe better off with a cheap android tablet. Contact us to discuss your options.

BMX Accessories

– Barcode scanner for Second Nomination Screen
– 2.4Ghz portable keyboard/mouse
– Wired Keyboard/Mouse

Raspberry Pi & the Raspberry Pi Logo – (C) Raspberry Pi Foundation
SQORZ – (c) Eventsoft