How do you get the results?
Simple. We utilise the existing SQORZ software. Tailwhip Video is independent from SQORZ, however we do chat quite often and love what they do. If you are interested in running SQORZ, we recommend you contact them directly via their website.

Can we setup a Raspberry Pi by ourselves?
Sure, just use google and have a go. If you get stuck, contact us. Our systems are already tested and ready to use so of course we recommend you purchase one from us as we will support you during and after the install as well.

Do you need internet access to make these screens work?
No, they work on the local network but you do need internet to publish the race results to SQORZ.

Our track doesn’t have WIFI or internet. Will this work?
Right now, no. But contact us and we can help you with the design, installation, setup and configuration to make it all work – and cheaper than you’d think.

Can we eat the Pi?
No, we don’t recommend it, even if you are low on silicone. There are no edible rasperry’s in there. Trust us, we’ve taken a good look.

Facebook streaming takes too much time to setup
It’s true, it is not an easy process to setup the camera or cameras around the track and hook it all up. This is not for all clubs but if you are interested, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share our experiences in this area and let you make up your mind if it’s something you want to do.

We don’t want to have permanent WIFI running
Understandable. It’s not hard to turn off the devices when not in use or even have them in a portable setup that can be used when you need to.

4G/5G internet is expensive
Yes, it sure can be. There are many options other than using WIFI hotspots or dongles for this including the NBN and other alternatives. We will work with you to ensure your club gets the right connection at a cost that is acceptable.