About Us

Tailwhip Video was started in early 2020 by Scott Rouvray. Seeing the potential for easy-to-use technology to enhance the racing experience for both riders and spectators at the family’s local BMX race meetings, something that could be replicated at other tracks and sports.

In 2019, Scott sought the approval of the club committee to make this occur and set to work. The club now has a mesh WIFI network, results screens showing live timing data from the scoring system as soon as the riders cross the finish line, live data for the commentators (on a touch screen), digital rider staging, live video streaming, EFTPOS and more – all are truely plug and play.

These all need no weekly configuration, just connected to power and switched on. Scott understands that the last thing clubs want to do is spend more volunteer time in setting things up each week.

The live streaming of racing has also been a passion for Scott, who now has setup a four-camera system with live scoring overlay that can be streamed to Facebook and YouTube amongst others. In the works is an automated video switching system that will enable clubs to ‘set and forget’ the live streaming, freeing up a volunteer that would be tied up switching video cameras for other club jobs.

Scott has multiple certifications, such as Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner, ITIL Foundation in Service Management (v4) along with multiple vendor certificates from Fortinet, Microsoft and others. His day job is an IT Manager for a group of Private Hospitals that provides over 60,000 episodes of care per year. From ensuring equipment works and live data can be used in Operating Theatres for Surgeons to making patients comfortable using WIFI and communicating with friends and family, Scott takes his role very seriously but with a side of humour.

He has been working in the IT industry for over 22 years, and recalls setting up Windows 3.11 and OS/2 computers with Windows NT 3.51 servers, back in the day when being on the internet was more about yelling at other people to “hang up the phone line, i’m on the internet” than watching other people unwrap toys.

Scott is supported by his (very) understanding wife Robyn and has three kids; a sproket, miniwheeler and aged rider.

They all live in the Southern Vales of Adelaide, South Australia.

To contact Scott, please email us